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Please note OTRS no longer has a Post Office Box.
Please post all correspondence to Suite 3 - Level 1, 169 London Street, Hamilton 3204. 

Our preferred method is by email to info@otrs.co.nz  Thank you.

About OTRS

We are a team of dedicated health care professionals who are passionate about helping people to live the best life they can, participating in all their chosen activities to the full extent of their abilities.  

Nothing gives us more fulfillment than empowering people to achieve their goals.   

We believe it is not a person's condition that disables them, but their environment. Our ethos is about changing the physical environment and perceptions and enabling the person to learn new skills and practical solutions to deal with barriers that they are faced with, which increases their ability and therefore their independence.

Our qualified team are able to assist you with Medical Driving Assessments, Commercial Vehicle Driving Assessments, in addition to Occupational Therapy Assessments.

We are currently offering private medical fitness to drive assessments throughout the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Auckland and Hawkes Bay regions.

We continue to provide services for ACC, Enable, Accessable and Lotteries in all regions.

"Our perceptions and the way in which we approach a person as well as the environment in which they live in is what can create a disability. We should focus on breaking down barriers; physical and perception, and look to enabling people to achieve their full potential" - Craig Harington

Enabling Independence Together.

Medical Driving Assessments

We are specialists in assessing the impact of disability, illness or ageing on a person’s medical fitness to drive.

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Vehicle Modification Assistance

We offer advice on vehicle modifications for the comfort of a driver or passenger. We can also help to co-ordinate the modification work. 

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Ministry of Health Funding

The Ministry of Health offer funding opportunities for individuals with disabilities, with either assistance to purchase a ready modified vehicle or a vehicle that will require modification and potentially the modification costs.

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Alternative Funding Options

There are many organisations in New Zealand who having funding grants available to help New Zealand residents with specific needs.

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